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HTML5 Mashup ideas

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A page to collect HTML 5 and flickr mashup ideas and questions (sample code is here on Roland's html5forall git software repository)


  1. Roland: Display flickr photos around me based on my GPS coordinates in my mobile browser as I move around
  2. Andrew Kumar's idea: I want to create a portfolio viewable on iPad + playbook + android tablets using html5 + flickr + jQuery
  3. Giulia Forsythe:I want to figure out how to get ID3 metadata from the ds106radio m3u stream to search Flickr and create a site that displays related cc content
  4. Giulia Forsythe I want to create an interactive Flickr HTML 5 Bingo game ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/gforsythe/5643365879/ ) but pulling in individual icons tagged so that each person can get a unique bingo card
  5. Your idea here
  6. Your idea here
  7. Your idea here
  8. Your idea here

HTML 5 and Flickr Questions

  1. Your question here
  2. Your question here


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