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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

It's the PhotoCamp for moving images!


VideoCamp - The Art, Business, and Tech of Video Production!


I've got some ideas for topics we can discuss (see below), but I'd like everyone's feedback and suggestions! What do you want to learn more about when it comes to creating, editing, and distributing video content?


Add to the Wiki here or email me at warwick (at) formulaphoto.com


****Anyone interested in co-hosting this with me? It would be nice to have a few people with different video backgrounds/experiences leading the session.***


  1. Shooting Basics: The Golden Rules for Capturing Great Video
  2. Video Podcasting for Business and Pleasure
  3. Which Video Sharing site is right for me?
  4. The Gear: Cheap and Cheerful to High Definition
  5. Shooting for Web vs. Shooting for TV/Video
  6. Cheap (that is free) editing, formatting and compression tools for the MAC (any one got the PC covered?) (Jim Groom)
  7. Dyne :: Bolic Live (linux) CD, runs on pc's,  with Kino and Cinelerra video editors. Kino's the simple DV editor, Cinelerra has tools for compression/conversion...
  8. Add your topic here




Links mentioned in this session: (posted by Tod)


I'll put my notes from VidCamp on my site and blog (latter has RSS) later this weekend, and I'll also put together some more in-depth notes and tutorials on shooting, encoding, and equipment. (posted by Warwick)

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