Jason's page

Fun and GAmes right here! On images and mashups.


Mashups have been around alot longer than software.  But this mashop is about software, so i'll try to stay focussed.



1. Image mashups (ok a small piece on pics, just cause its trendy)

To get you in th emood, the spirit of a mashup comes from the ability to make something new out of something old.  You can do this with anything! Images, music, junk, or even software.  This section is about making new  images out of old ones.  Some tools, source material, and links to some mind bending pics.


 free drawing tools (online photo editors)



Photoshop contests / image mashups (?)




2. Flickr mashups - more of these than you can shake a stick out


going places with flickr



3. existing services that do it all for you!  - ya im the lazy one.


4. Getting busy on Ning

I found a great mashup here for phots and maps... and all you need to do is copy!