Frozen Peas

Join Voxant and the Frozen Pea Fund to donate to cancer research. When you embed Voxant’s “Frozen Pea” news feed, all the revenue you earn from ad impressions generated on your site will be donated to the Frozen Pea Fund – and through March 31, Voxant will match the amount of money earned!

1. In the right hand margin you'll see our Frozen Pea Video Feed. Click on the embed button in the right hand corner of the player.

2. Enter the email address and run through the options in the embed box. At the end you'll be able to grab some code to embed on your site.

3. Embed the video feed on your site and the revenue you earn from the ads running alongside the breast cancer news clips will be donated to the Frozen Pea Fund.

It’s as simple as that - when you embed our “Frozen Pea” news feed, frozen peas are good for everyone’s health!