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conversations: online, offline

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if blogging is a form of holding conversations, how is it different from f2f conversations? what's similar?


how can we make blogging even more of a conversation?


this little snippet will be held by participants in the vancouver bloggers meetup group, a bunch of bloggers who regularly post, and regularly meet to have conversations.


preliminary list of topics we might be playing with:




when a blogger blogs and a commenter comments, is that really a conversation?


how are blogging conversations similar to other online conversations – say, back-and-forth emails, online forums, online chats?


when you meet a fellow blogger face-to-face, is it easy to fall into conversation with her or him right away – do you already have a shared conversational history, so to say?


when we have our bloggers meetups, we always have interesting, lively conversations.  on average, i find the quality of these conversations higher than in other comparable situations.  is that coincidence?  does it have something to do with the meetup setup?  does it have something to do with blogging?


conversations are about the give and take of talking and listening.  how do you listen in your blog?  how do you listen in f2f situations?  are the two comparable?


the magic of conversations comes alive when we collaboratively create new ideas, new thoughts, new solutions.  how often does that happen on your blog?  what are the conditions that allow it to happen in f2f conversations?  where is the intersection?

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